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76th Blue Persian Cat Society Show - 7th Nov 2015

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Did you know that you can show....

* All Self colour Persians & Exotics.

* All Selfs

* Tortie Persians & Exotics.

* Tortie

* Tortie & White Persians & Exotics.

* Household Pets

* Household Pets Pedigree & Non-Pedigree.

* Pedigree Pets

To download the 'Schedule' and 'Entry Forms' click > HERE

G. Wylde, Show Manager
7, Pen-y-Ffordd, North Cornelly, Bridgend CF33 4ES

email: gwylde@cleocathpersians.co.uk

The Blue Persian Cat Society, founded on April 24th 1901. It is the oldest longhair cat club in the world and one of the first clubs to hold a breed show. The Society was a founder member of the Governing Council of the Cat Fancy and as such it is one of a few clubs to have a delegate to the Governing Council irrespective of its number of members.

The Society is a member of the Self Persian Breed Advisory Committee and speaks for the Blue Persian breed on matters relating to the Standard of Points, the registration policy and judge appointments through its representatives on the Breed Advisory Committee. The day to day affairs of the Society are managed by a committee and there is a General Meeting held in the spring of each year at which members are able to discuss matters of importance both to the breed and the Cat Fancy.

The Society holds an annual Championship Show on the first Saturday in November each year at which members are able to compete for the many trophies offered by the Society. Wins are also recorded on the large number of magnificent antique silver trophies presented to the Society by past members.

Club classes and/or support for open class wins are offered at most championship shows scheduling classes for Blue Persian Cats. In addition, special rosettes are offered to members cats gaining the title Champion, Premier, Grand Champion, Grand Premier, Imperial Grand Champion or Imperial Grand Premier. The Society also awards a special rosette for cats winning three Sapphire Classes at its own championship show.

Membership forms are available to download from the website or can be mailed by either the Secretary or the Treasurer.

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BPCS 70th Show

Supreme UK & Imperial Gr. Ch. (2008) Palchinno Celestial Whisper (Whisper) -
Breeder: Rose Angus - Visit Website


Supreme GD.CH Herrafaresiah Towser (Hugo) Overall Best In Show 2010 -
Breeder: Bunny Wheelwright